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3 Mistakes to Avoid to Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresh For Longer

If you have been wondering why your veggies are progressively worse each time you open the fridge door or why fruits are ripening faster than usual, the answer most likely lies in how you store fresh produce. Improper storage significantly affects the freshness of fruits and vegetables, resulting in a situation whereby they go bad prematurely. In this blog, we’ll discuss three common mistakes you should avoid so that the next time you order fruits and vegetables online or from a market nearby, they stay fresh for longer than they presently do.

Refrigerating all the produce

This is one of the most common mistakes people make when storing fruits and vegetables. Even though a fridge offers an ideal environment for preserving a variety of cooked food, cut fruits, meat, and processed food products, the humidity is not ideal for fruits and veggies such as onions, potatoes, garlic, apples, and bananas. To keep fruits and veggies fresh for longer, it is important to know whether they belong in the fridge, cool and dark pantry, or the countertop.

Storing veggies in Plastic bags

Another mistake that can negatively impact the freshness of fruits and veggies is storing them in plastic bags. Plastic bags may be helpful for easy organization in a shopping bag, but they are not good for food storage. Even perforated plastic bags do not provide the appropriate air circulation needed to keep most veggies fresh, instead, they create an unhealthy moist environment for sensitive produce like lettuce and mushrooms. It is preferable to store vegetables in zip-lock bags, reusable silicone bags, or airtight containers.

Buying more than Necessary

Let’s face it, many people consider grocery runs to be a chore and prefer to buy their staples in bulk. This results in people buying more than what they need for immediate consumption. The remaining fruits and veggies eventually rot and get discarded. It is important to modify your shopping habits and buy only what is required. With numerous online grocery stores, you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables online whenever you need them. When you buy fruits and vegetables from the online market, you get to enjoy fast home delivery while the products are at peak freshness.


A little effort in storing fruits and vegetables properly contributes immensely to keep them fresh for a long time. It will not only help save money, but also allows you to consume veggies and fruits while they are at peak freshness. For a hassle-free experience when ordering fresh fruits and vegetables online, you can count on the best online grocery in Delhi NCR. Le Marche is your one-stop shop when looking to buy fresh fruits, veggies, and groceries online. Order fruits and vegetables online and enjoy unmatched convenience and product quality. Sign up at www.lemarcheretail.com to start shopping today or call 011-49789424/25 for more information. You can also email [email protected] or fill out our contact form.