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3 Things To Remember When Buying Frozen Food Online

The practice of freezing food is on the rise with the culture of meal-prepping and the increased preference for convenience foods. The Indian frozen foods market was a whopping Rs 98 billion in 2020, with an annual growth rate of 18 per cent. If you are a noob to the concept of buying frozen food online, start with identifying a leading online retailer for frozen foods and other grocery items. Le Marche is a trusted online food store offering top-quality frozen foods, meats, gourmet groceries, and more. Before going online to buy frozen food, here are three points to keep in mind.

1. Check The Package For Lumps

Always check the frozen food package bought online for lumps immediately upon delivery. Any chunky pieces may indicate that the pack has been thawed and refrozen. Re-freezing compromises the freshness and nutritional value of the food. A great way to avoid compromising on the quality of frozen food you consume is to do your frozen food online shopping from a trusted retailer that offers top-quality food at peak freshness.

2. Buy Single Serving Packs

Large online retail stores offer discounts on large quantities or bulk buys to encourage buyers to buy more. Large packets of frozen food aren't suitable for a single meal. Refreezing open packets of frozen food compromises its nutrient value and freshness. If you are not sure how to handle such quantities without compromising on freshness, always buy frozen food in quantities that are ideal for your family's consumption in one sitting. This ensures you finish all the thawed food without having to refreeze any. Le Marche stocks plenty of options when it comes to package quantity, allowing you to pick one that suits your family's consumption pattern.

3. Avoid Seasoned Or Sweetened Products

Frozen non-veg food products available online often come pre-seasoned with sauces or spices. Buying seasoned frozen food reduces its shelf life, which only works if you are going to consume it sooner rather than later. Seasoned frozen foods also have higher sodium and preservatives content. You may want to go with non-seasoned meats and also avoid sweetened frozen fruits as they have a higher calorie intake and lower shelf life. Instead, buy natural unsweetened frozen fruits online as they keep all the nutrients intact.

Wrap Up

Keep the above tips in mind when buying frozen food online or in-store to ensure you derive value for your money. Choosing a trusted outlet that offers fresh frozen foods in different quantities and packaging options is a great starting point to make your online grocery shopping a breeze. Le Marche is a complete food store for top-quality local and exotic fruits, vegetables and meats. We offer all food products at peak freshness and never thaw and refreeze anything. Click here to start shopping or call 011-49789424/25 to get answers to all your questions. You can also email [email protected].