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5 Tips To Help Check If Your Food Is Organic

Knowing more about the food products you buy is the key to ensuring your family enjoys a safe and healthy diet. When it comes to ordering fruits and vegetables online, you must keep a close eye on a few aspects to make sure you only purchase fresh and organic products. While chemicals may often make the food products look better, the natural fertilizers used to grow organic produce are known to boost its overall quality and taste. Let’s take a look at a few tips that are guaranteed to help you check whether or not the fruits and vegetables you buy online or at the market are organic.

1. Check Organic Produce Certification

When buying fruits and vegetables online, you must, first and foremost, check for licenses that certify the products to be organic. You may either find the accreditation mark in front along with the logo or at the back of the product packaging. Organic farming and processes that have been approved by foreign standards and the USDA are certified by the Indian Government through the NPOP (National Program for Organic Production). In addition, food items that follow the National Standards for Organic Products are given a certification by the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority.

2. Make Sure There Is No Definite Shape Or A Shining Glow

When grown organically, there is no guarantee that fruits and vegetables will always be picture-perfect products. Each product differs from the other and can have a different shape or size. Even when dealing with an online fruits and vegetables delivery service, make sure to check this aspect as soon as you receive the food products. In addition, organic products mostly have a dull finish. That means if you have to choose between glossy and dull produce, it's always better to go for the latter.

3. Prefer Small-Sized, More Expensive Products

It is quite common for fraudsters to use chemicals to boost the size and shape of fruits and vegetables. The chemical-infused products may be huge and seem to be the best choice compared to the small organic products, however, the opposite is usually true. While organic products are priced a bit higher than those infused with growth hormones, they are inarguably the healthier option available in the market.

4. Make Sure it Smells Organic, Cooks Quick, and Tastes Great

The best way to determine how fruits or vegetables have been grown is to simply smell them when you get your online grocery delivery. Organic products give off a captivating fresh-smell that tingle the taste buds even if you just get a whiff of it! In addition to smelling great, if the products you purchase cook well in a short period and taste equally great, you can be sure that you are buying organic fruits and vegetables.

5. Opt for Short Expiry Periods

If you buy fruits and vegetables online and they lose their freshness in a day or two, chances are they are organic products. Although they are highly nutritious, organic products follow the laws of nature and start losing their freshness after being cut from the plants. This reduces their shelf life and makes it necessary to consume them at the earliest. However, if the products you buy last for long periods, choose health over shelf life and look for a better place to order fruits and vegetables online.


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