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A Guide For Safe Grocery Shopping During the Covid Pandemic

While it does seem that things are getting a bit better in the coronavirus pandemic, there is no reason to let your guard down and forget about the various precautions you must take to keep yourself and family safe. Grocery shopping is one exercise that is unavoidable even during a pandemic situation. It is also an exercise that can expose you to disease-causing pathogens including the coronavirus if you visit stores or the open markets. In this blog, we share a few simple tips that you must keep in mind for safe grocery shopping.

Always Carry Sanitizer and Disinfectant

Carrying a sanitizer is a must when you go grocery shopping. A huge number of people visit grocery stores and markets every day, making it quite a risky place considering the ongoing pandemic. You must also carry a disinfectant to use on products and surfaces before you touch them to avoid any potential infections. Spray disinfectant on the shopping bags before putting them in your car and use sanitizer before sitting inside and after reaching home as well.

Be Smart! Shop At The Right Time

As mentioned before, grocery stores can host huge crowds at a single time, making the spaces highly transmissible for the deadly coronavirus. As a result, going to buy groceries during this period deserves some consideration. Be smart and go out at a time when stores are likely to have fewer customers such as during afternoons and early in the evening. Make an organized list of the things you need to avoid the need to traverse the same aisles again and again or visit the store multiple times.

Go With Cashless Payment Options

While it is good to carry some change on you, we highly recommend going with a cashless mode of payment. This is an excellent way to reduce the risk of infection or transmitting the virus. If you’re using a credit or a debit card, sanitize your hands after making the payment and remember to disinfect the card as well.

Cut Out All Risk By Shopping Online

Let’s be honest, there is always a risk of exposing yourself to harmful pathogens when visiting a grocery store or market. A much better and safer option is to go with online grocery shopping. This eliminates the need to visit spaces with high foot traffic where the risk for catching the virus is elevated. When you buy groceries online, you get everything you need right at your fingertips and can take advantage of online promotional discounts and also accumulate credits in your account. If you choose the “Contactless Delivery” option, your groceries will be left at your doorstep. If you choose to buy groceries online, make sure to disinfect the products after they are delivered.

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