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Best Fruits and Vegetables for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, doctors and nutritionists recommend consuming fruits and vegetables to meet the requirements for various vital macro and micronutrients that help keep both the mother and the foetus healthy. Several options are available in the market, making it easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to picking the right options. Hygiene is another crucial aspect to consider when buying fruits and vegetables, which is why it is advisable to buy fruits and vegetables online from platforms that pick, store, and deliver eatables with utmost hygiene and at peak freshness, such as Le Marche. Continue reading as we look at a brief compilation of the best fruits and vegetables for pregnant women.


Fruits form a vital component of a well-balanced diet, especially for women nurturing an unborn life. Let’s take a look at some of the most recommended fruits that are readily available online.


Oranges are a delectable citrus fruit that is said to have diverse nutritional benefits. They are filled with the goodness of essential nutrients such as vitamins A, B, and C that are vital in promoting foetal neural development, detoxifying the body, facilitating the absorption of iron, and boosting immunity.


Avocados are one of the best fruits to consume during pregnancy, offering a richer dose of folate than any other fruit. They are rich in vitamins (B, C, and K), fibre, and elements (Choline, Magnesium, and Potassium), which significantly contribute to foetal neural development and help women in alleviating nausea.


One of the most delicious fruits, mangoes are equally vital for meeting nutritional requirements during pregnancy. Each serving of mangoes is free from fat and cholesterol and is a great source of vitamin A, which helps in preventing disorders caused by low-immunity, such as diarrhoea.

When it comes to consuming fruits during pregnancy, both the quantity and quality are equally relevant. While the right quantity is prescribed by doctors/nutritionists, for quality, it is advisable to order fruits online from a reputable fruits and vegetables online market such as Le Marche. You need to buy fruits and vegetables from a trusted online grocery platform that gives you food products that are top-notch quality and free from toxic insecticides.


Though not always delectable, vegetables are an essential component of a good diet -- especially leafy vegetables. These include:


Commonly consumed as salad and snacks, sprouts are rich in a wide range of nutrients such as fibre, minerals (Calcium, Potassium, and Magnesium), vitamin B, and beta-carotene (a pigmented carotenoid that later converts into vitamin A in the body). All these nutrients are vital for ensuring a healthy pregnancy while meeting the rising growth requirements of the foetus.


If there’s one vegetable that parents stress that their kids consume daily, it’s the beetroot. When it comes to pregnancy, beetroot is considered a powerhouse that encompasses different nutrients in rich concentrations. These include macronutrients (carbohydrates and protein) and vitamins (A, B, and C), strengthening a spectrum of physiological processes such as immunity, blood production, and cardiovascular health.


During pregnancy, women are advised to consume parsley as it has a diverse nutritional profile. Owing to the high concentrations of vitamin B2 & E and diuretic properties, parsley is effective in preventing pregnancy-related swelling of different body parts. Parsley, however, must be consumed in limited quantities (only as recommended by a certified nutritionist).

When it comes to consuming fruits and vegetables, the freshness of the yield is a vital factor. This requires consumers to buy fruits and vegetables only from a trusted platform that stores and delivers essential eatables with uncompromised quality and freshness.

Final Word

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