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Order Dairy Online

Start your days with fresh dairy products. Order dairy online at Le Marche, a premium and trusted online grocery store in Delhi NCR that makes delivery of dairy products online simple and convenient. Our inventory of fresh dairy products includes all essentials such as milk, eggs, butter and ice cream, giving you the perfect assortment of options to make delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. Order online at Le Marche and get your daily dose of fresh dairy products delivered right at your doorstep.

What’s in Store?

Milk and Cream

Milk is an essential item in many Indian households and there’s a good reason why. Packed with Vitamin D, calcium, protein and phosphorus, milk is great for bone health. You can order milk online at Le Marche and get access to the best of whole, skimmed and flavored milk options. Our inventory also features a variety of plant and nut-based milk products, and you can also order dairy creamers and whipping cream online through our website.


An absolute must for perfectly toasted bread slices, sumptuous stuffed parathas and cake batters, butter is a staple in the kitchen. Le Marche offers a wide range of salted and unsalted butter from top brands. So, buy butter online at Le Marche, and add a rich taste to your gravies, pastries, pastas, pies and everything else that your heart desires.

Curd, Yogurt and Probiotic

Guilt-free snacks for which your body will actually thank you, curd, yogurt and probiotics are known to be excellent for digestion, immunity, and bone health. Le Marche features delicious plain yogurt as well as delectable options such as coconut, strawberry and other fruit-based variants from top brands. Want to order dairy products online? Le Marche has got you covered.


Have them for breakfast, as a snack or as part of a meal, eggs are a nutritious and healthy dairy product perfect for getting your daily dose of good cholesterol, protein, amino acids and Vitamin D. Order eggs online at Le Marche, and get quick delivery of fresh and well-kept brown, white and cage free eggs.

Paneer, Tofu and Cheese

Offering high levels of protein, paneer and tofu are a favorite for those seeking a healthy diet. At Le Marche, you can order paneer and tofu online in any required quantity and prepare healthy salads, curries and stir-frys throughout the week. You can also order premium and delicious cheese slices, cheese spreads, fresh cheese, vegan and gourmet cheese as per your liking.

Ice Cream

Ice creams offer a perfect way to celebrate an occasion or give yourself a sweet treat at the end of a tiring day. At Le Marche, you can order ice cream sticks, cups and tubs as well as artisanal ice creams in various exciting flavors. We also stock vegan and dairy-free ice creams. Order ice cream online at Le Marche for a quick delivery.

Why Le Marche?

Le Marche is the one-stop destination for gourmet groceries serving customers across Delhi-NCR. We take great care to preserve, package and deliver a variety of grocery items including fresh and high-quality dairy products from leading brands. In addition, we have created a user-friendly website with an array of categorizations and search filters to ensure you have an absolutely seamless experience when placing your order for dairy products online.

Got Questions? Talk to Us!

We, at Le Marche, are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our services or any of the products listed in our inventory. To learn more, email your query at [email protected] or fill out our contact form and we’ll take it from there.