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No Microwave? No Problem! - 3 Ways To Cook Frozen Food

Online supermarket shopping has seen a phenomenal rise owing to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Leading online grocery stores give you easy access to a whole range of frozen food that is delivered to you at optimum quality. When you buy frozen food online or in-store, you can easily prepare it using a microwave. This, however, is not always possible for a variety of reasons. Whether you buy veg or non veg frozen food online, here are 3 ways to cook it without a microwave.

1. Non-stick skillet

A non-stick skillet can be a terrific choice for cooking frozen meals. If you're a little behind schedule, depending on what you're preparing, a non-stick skillet can deliver amazing results. Remember to continuously keep an eye on the stove throughout the process to get the best results. At low-temperature settings, the cooking process usually takes ten to fifteen minutes. Make sure to occasionally flip the food to get it browning on all sides. When fully cooked, the dish will have a beautiful crispy exterior and a soft, warm interior.

2. Saucepan

A saucepan can also be used to cook frozen meals instead of a microwave. Make sure the temperature is kept low to prevent the food from burning. The secret here is to carefully stir frequently to ensure even cooking of all sides. If you believe your food may be getting too dry, feel free to add a little water. Your dish should be ready to serve after 10 to 15 minutes, however, take a test bite to make sure that it is well-cooked.

3. Traditional oven

Microwaves heat everything at once. The problem, however, with heating everything at once in the microwave is that each component heats up differently. Proteins and fats heat more slowly than water and other liquids. As a result, the food item will cook unevenly. Thankfully, using a standard oven will result in more uniform cooking. Just make sure that you adjust the heat according to the need of the hour. For starters, set the oven's temperature to 350. Put the food in an oven-safe container after removing it from the package. To prevent the food from drying out, wrap the container in foil. Bake for about 30 minutes, or until the bowl reaches a temperature of 170 degrees. There you go, your dish is ready to be served hot!

Final word

As you can see, there are many ways to cook frozen food apart from using a microwave. When you buy frozen food online and follow the tips mentioned in the blog, you will get the best results. Whether you are looking to buy frozen veg online or buy frozen berries, Le Marche gives you the best value for your money. Instead of searching for ‘veg frozen food online near me’, choose a trusted grocery shop online that gives you access to a whole range of local and international products. Le Marche offers online frozen food delivery to make your grocery shopping experience a breeze. You get all food products at their peak freshness. Sign up and start shopping today at www.lemarcheretail.com or get answers to all your questions by calling 011-49789424/25 or emailing [email protected] You may fill out our contact form, and we would reach out to you at the earliest.