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Tips to Buy Raw Non Veg from an Online Supermarket

Non vegetarian foods are by far the best source of protein one can include in their diet. If you fancy home-cooked meals, online grocery shops like Le Marche give you easy access to a fresh meat home delivery service. Meat/chicken has the most complete amino acid (molecules that are used to build protein) profile. When you place a non veg online order, it helps to know how to choose your meat. This article will help you to choose the best raw non vegetarian food.

The right cut

The ‘cut’ refers to the body part of the animal from where the meat comes. Different cuts are rich in different nutrients. The breast and legs of a chicken usually have the highest amount of protein, while the belly is rich in fat. Do some research to pick the right cut for your particular nutritional requirements.

With or without bone

The next aspect on which to decide is whether you want your raw non veg with or without bone. Bones are a good conductor for heat, and help to cook the meat from the inside out. That means meat with bone takes less time to cook. Some prefer to eat boneless non vegetarian food as it is easier to eat but marginally more expensive. In the end, it all boils down to preference.


When you purchase meat, it should be tender, juicy, and firm. It should not have any bruises, discolouration, broken bones, or half plucked feathers. There shouldn’t be any irregularities such as dryness, lumpiness, tears in the skin, or flesh that is gooey and loose. Look out for any blood splashes and or excess fat. The flesh should be consistently colored, tender, firm, and juicy.

Colour and Smell

The color of meat depends on the animal in question. For mutton or lamb the color should be bright red. Poultry color is usually dull bright pink. Any discoloration (brown, grey, or green etc) indicates meat that has gone bad. The smell of fresh meat is a bit acidic. Meat that smells pungent or rancid has either already decayed, or started to decay from within.


The spatial consistency of fresh meat is neither too soft nor too tough. This can be put to the test by poking it with your finger. Upon being touched, the meat should get slightly pressed, once you remove your fingers the meat should retain its original shape. Anything that is too stiff or too soft has been on the shelf for too long.


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